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The Office of Alumni Affairs is the University's on-campus office to service all of its alumni. The University holds its alumni in very high regard and seeks to ensure that alumni are afforded every courtesy that the University can extend to them. The Office of Alumni Affairs stands ready to provide any service that is required to achieve this mission. Chapters as well as individual alumni should contact the Office of Alumni Affairs whenever they desire the University's assistance in any manner, at (850) 599-3861 or (850) 599-3707.


Goals and Objectives


The goals and objectives of the Office of Alumni Affairs (OAA) are inherently those of the NAA. They include:


a) Recruit alumni and associates to support the FAMU National Alumni Association.

b) Collaborating with Alumni Chapters to Recruit students to attend Florida A&M University.

c) Enhance the image of Florida A&M University through positive public relations and community service.

d) Support Florida A&M University's legislative priorities and long range plans.

e) Work cooperatively with Florida A&M University's President, Faculty, Administrators, Students and Staff to develop and implement programs that will benefit Florida A&M University and the NAA.

Duties and Responsibilities


The Office of Alumni Affairs serves as a liaison between the University and its alumni by fulfilling these responsibilities:

* Serves as a conduit to provide general and specific information to the University and to alumni community in an attempt to develop and maintain open lines of communication.

* Coordinates the activities of the National Alumni Association and makes sure that all such activities are supportive of the University's goals and that they enhance FAMU's image.

* Keeps the alumni informed of the University's status at all times and remains ready to render active support as needed.

* Provides the University with facts and figures, charts, graphs, etc.; depicting alumni support.

* Seeks to instill in students a loyalty to the institution via good customer service practices that will inspire them to become supportive alumni.

* Seeks to promote a good working relationship among alumni, faculty and the administration.

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*Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs for information regarding regional and local dues


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