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Register for summer and fall semesters now.

Students will be able to search for classes using "My Requirements" in iRattler Student Center.
Click here to see "How to Enroll in Classes Using My Requirements"

Important Dates to Note:

Regular Registration for Summer 2016

March 28 - May 8, 2016 (A&C)

March 28 - June 26, 2016 (B)

Late Registration period ($100.00 fee)

May 9 - 13 (A&C)

June 27 - July 1 (B)

Classes begin for Summer 2016

May 9 (A&C)

June 27 (B)

Last day to pay all fees for Summer 2016

May 13 (A&C)

July 1 (B)

Regular Registration for Fall 2016

April 9 - August 21

Late Registration period ($100.00 fee)

August 22 - August 26

Classes begin for Fall 2016

August 22

Last day to pay all fees for Fall 2016

August 26

Visit the Registrar website http://www.famu.edu/registrar for the academic calendars.
Please contact the Registrar's office or your Academic Advisor for additional information.

COMING SOON - New Course Withdrawal Process!


  • Students complete course withdrawal forms downloaded from the Registrar website - http://www.famu.edu/registrar
  • Students secure signatures on the form from instructors of each class, Academic Advisor, Department Chair, and Dean; then forward the completed forms to the Registrar's office
  • Every fall or spring, the Registrar's office process a minimum of 1,100 completed withdrawal paper forms
  • There is no limit to the number of course withdrawals allowed

Going Forward:

  • There will be a limit of 5 courses from which a student can withdraw in his/her entire undergraduate career. This does not include term withdrawals due to extenuating circumstances. This process begins fall 2016.
  • Soon this spring 2016, students may initiate and complete course withdrawal in iRattler after an academic advisor places a positive service indicator on the student's record.
  • Withdrawal link in iRattler will be available after the last day to add/drop and becomes unavailable after the last day to withdraw. These dates are usually published on the academic calendar for each semester on the Registrar's website.
  • Students who withdraw after add/drop period but before the withdrawal deadline will receive a W grade. The W grade is not factored in GPA calculation.
  • Students who stop attending and fail to officially withdraw will receive WF grade. WF grade has the same effect as F grade.
  • Please contact your Academic Advisor for additional information.
Note: Students receiving financial aid (Scholarships, Pell, and Loans etc.) should check with the financial aid counselor/officer before withdrawing below full time status.

Notification for Undergraduate Students

Economic Security Report

Pursuant to section 1001.706(5)(d) of the Florida Statutes regarding the Board of Governors Powers and Duties relating to accountability, "beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year and annually thereafter, the Board of Governors requires Florida A&M University to provide each enrolled student electronic access to the economic security report of employment and earning outcomes prepared by the Department of Economic Opportunity pursuant to s. 445.07 prior to registration. The two documents ( Economic Security Report and System Summary Post-Graduation Employment Outcomes) required in 1001.706(5)(d), F.S. are posted on the Board of Governors website at: http://www.flbog.edu/forstudents/planning/ . Please note that these documents will be updated annually. You may click on the document-links below to review the current reports.

The University Registrar is the official custodian of academic records and the keeper of the university seal at Florida A&M University. The general functions of the university registrar are to assist in planning and executing academic policies and programs; provide for administration of policies and regulations pertaining to the academic status of students; provide for planning and executing orderly registration and graduation of students; develop the academic calendar, semester schedule of classes and final examination schedules; maintain and secure of student records; and provide counseling and certification to students and dependents of veterans receiving veteran benefits.

The specific responsibilities of the office are to collect and maintain academic information; conduct registration for regular degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students and continuing education students; process requests for veteran benefits; process the graduation of degree-seeking students; process change of grades and acceptance of transfer credits; prepare and distribute transcripts; maintain accurate academic, historical, biographical, and directory information; provide information and data for use and review by college deans, planning directors, vice presidents, the President, the Board of Governors, U.S. Department of Education, and other authorized personnel and agencies.

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